Wireless Set No.19 MkII

 The last of these sets I overhauled was in 2004 and this was a Mk3 in newish condition for a customer.

I bought my example in 2003 and it's been sitting around ever since. The vague plan is to maybe remove some rust, tidy it up then check over the critical parts.

Once it's in a suitable condition to power it up I'll check its alignment and maybe put it on 80 metres or top band for air testing.

At first sight the set seems to have been standing in water but it appears totally untouched although the test meter needle looks a little odd.

It was manufactured in North America some time before July 1944 and has the serial number C-26163 (codes)

Did it see service in the British Army or was it returned from Russia after WWII ?

See it's power supply

Overhaul in progress

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