HP8640B Test Results

 Below are a number of pictures of the RF output. Apologies for the quality. I'll re-do these later. During the tests I didn't change the setting of the attenuator which was set at approximately 0dBm at the 0dBm switch setting, apart from the final check to see the amplitude of the 1GHz signal, when I turned the atttenuator to +20dBm. The last picture shows an FM signal.


 Below, the 2nd harmonic of 512MHz with the fundamental at 0dBm

 Next, the same signal but with the attenuator turned to +20dBm, hence the level increase of 20dB.

 Below, a 120MHz +/- 10KHz FM test signal

 Summary showing relative fundamental and 2nd harmonic levels. You'll note that the test frequencies were towards the minimum frequency and not the centre of each range.

 Range MHz











Test Frequency











 Level (0dBm)











 2nd Harmonic











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