Wireless Sets No19 MkIII/T

 I recently bought an old WS19 that I saw advertised fairly cheaply, with the intention of using it for spare parts. In particular the dials looked rust-free and might replace those on my refurbished set.

When it arrived it seemed to be in fairly good condition and it seemed a shame to strip it down. the only problem was the front panel which had suffered from what must have been a massive trauma. See below.

 As you can see from the pictures above and below, the set has been partly dismantled. The VHF transceiver has been removed, together with the intercom amplifier. The set is also missing its transmitting valves so I guess the previous modifier wanted only a working receiver. The wiring looks intact and it seems feasible to reinstate the missing valves and see if transmit is a simple option.

 Here's a front view of the set. Fairly tidy.

 And a view of the underside. Mostly intact wiring and both relays still fitted.

 Further views.

 Finally the added power supply and a view of the case which is in very good condition. I removed a small loudspeaker which was fitted to the front panel adjacent to the mains transformer, and presumably fed from the remaining 6V6G?

 In summary. I'll need to remove and straighten the front panel, fit blanking plates over the various holes, or alternatively fit correct parts. Fit three new transmit valves and see if the set is able to transmit again. I'll also need to juggle the PSU parts around and fit an HT transformer for the 807. Changing the heater supply to DC might be tricky. All in all it's not for the faint hearted but much more preferable to scrapping for parts.

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