The R109 Communications Receiver


 This set, the "A" version, has the serial number 6800 and must date from some time after 1942 when the series was introduced into service. It uses 8 battery-type octal valves.

There were various versions of this receiver (R109, R109A, B and C)and covering different wavelengths and carrying different controls and features. The A and B versions used the ARP36 (SP61) as an RF stage. This has a 6.3 volt heater and replaced the ARP12 (VP23) used in the R109 although reappearing later in the R109C.

This is the A model and covers 2 to 12 MHz in two ranges and, like the other models, is designed to work from 6 volts.

Strangely, it has "V3A" marked on the chassis but has an ARP12 rather than the expected ARP36 fitted in the socket. I'll need to find out why this is.


 See the circuit diagram and the R109 Power Supply and Parts Lists


 Above, the R109 viewed from its right side and below from the top showing the sockets for spare valves. The set uses seven valves:-


 From underside you can see shock mounts for the (empty) spare valve tray (useful source of new MO valveholders). The vibrator and its spare are both missing.


 Below..this is the rear of the set.


 View from the left side showing power supply components.




 Detail of the valve test panel, and below the outer case. This is nothing like the original because mine must have been lost by the previous owner however, given an old computer case one can always knock together something suitable... after all I did get GCE "O Level" Metalwork in 1958.


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