Bureaucracy gone mad?

 The other day, after fiddling with some minute surface mounted parts that seemed to prefer to stick to my tweezers rather than stay in place on the circuit board, I decided to buy some special glue.
I got this from Radiospares, or as it's known these days "RS Components Ltd".
It arrived with a sheaf of paperwork explaining the dangers expected in its use, and remedies if one was silly enough to eat some or whatever.

For interest I counted the regulations involved in its use. There were 35, mostly generated by the EEC. There are others also. For example the glue meets ROHS requirements. Nothing alas on its efficiency and usability.

For those interested here's a list, much as they are referenced in the eight page document (leaving out repetitions of which there are many). Does Brexit mean that all the references, or a good many of them will need to be changed?




 EC 1272/2008



 EC No 500-033-5












 Annex II of MARPOL 73/78

 IBC Code





 2009 (S.1.2009 No.716)














 Admittedly the document gives instructions on what to do in most eventualities, but what about the supporting referenced documents? Well, if you needed to check on something specific you would need to put your hand in your pocket and shell out a few hundred pounds for each referenced document. Say there are 25 main documents… then you'll need £7,500.

What if I bought a tube of this glue over the counter in a retail shop? Would I be presented with an 8 page safety document?

Imagine starting a job.. say gluing a 1mm square chip to a circuit board. Should I read all the above documents before I start?

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