Wireless Adverts from 1924

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 Broadcasting had started very slowly and often was undertaken by radio enthusiasts, later extending to national concerns. In Britain the BBC, or the "British Broadcasting Company" as it was before the word "Corporation" appeared, took over the reins and became solely and legally the only bona fide broadcasting concern. It got under way in 1923 and, by 1924 most people in Britain, if they had enough cash to purchase a wireless set could listen. Due to the high prices of ready made radio sets many heads of families that had a small disposable income were assigned to construct their own sets.

Below, in no particular order except publishing sequence in a particular early magazine, are advertisements for radio parts.

Prices are not cheap and manufacturer's claims appear often to be surprising to say the least. Most of the companies below lasted for only a short time due to competition, the spread of regulating and trade groups and of course the skills of their managers and engineers. A few companies flourished and today are still in business.










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