Wireless Adverts from 1922

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 When broadcasting in the UK was undertaken only by radio enthusiasts and a few manufacturers a new craze was getting underway. People were encouraged to listen in to virtually anything. This extended from time signals, spark transmissions from ships, and radio telephone broadcasts to and from aircraft. Gradually broadcasting organisations were established. As usual Britain was slow to start. Maybe it's because British politicians had no real grasp of anything technical? Certainly this is the case nearly a century later when Britain is (still) ruled by ex-members of university debating societies.

Below are advertisements published around June 1922 when the mood of wireless enthusiasts was real exasperation. When are politicians going to give us proper broadcasting like other countries?

Included in some advertisements you'll find items of WW1 government surplus such as accumulators, headphones and valve panels. Some manufacturers had been just starting to mass produce wireless equipment for the war when suddenly in November 1918, demand ceased with regular BBC broadcasting still over four years away...

First, a couple of articles giving the flavour of wireless in 1922.



Now the radio ads...

Spot the morse code below...







Above are adverts a week apart from June 24th and July 1st 1922.

Clearly, wireless enthusiasts were expected to be well shod, but clearly on the Never-Never?



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