The RCA AR77 Receiver

 Many years ago in 1960 Liverpool University Amateur Radio Society was formed and acquired the callsign G3OUL

One of the first pieces of equipment purchased by the society was an AR77E receiver (click G3OUL and spot it).

At that time the set wasn't particularly old, having been made in 1939. Now, 54 years later I've managed to find another one.

I think it needs lots and lots of attention but it basically looks OK. Some of the knobs are wrong, the T/R switch is in need of attention and I suspect some coils might need new tuning slugs and I'm pretty certain the front panel was originally a more muted colour, maybe a sort of buff or grey-brown, not a ghastly bright red? Was the last owner colour blind?

Frequency coverage is in 6 ranges as follows:-

1. 540-1,340KHz: 2. 1,340-3,300KHz: 3. 3,300-5,800KHz: 4. 5,800-10,200KHz: 5. 10,200-18,000KHz: 6. 18,000-31,000KHz




Valve line-up

RF amp 6SK7; Mixer 6K8; IF amp 2 x 6SK7; Detector/limiter 6H6; Audio amp/AVC 6SQ7

Audio O/P 6F6G; BFO 6SJ7; Rectifier 5Y3G; Stabiliser VR150-30

The metal box below covers the tuning capacitors.



  Above shows the standard layout of coils with their dust core adjusters and trimmer/padder capacitors grouped around the ceramic wavechange switch.

Wavechange and tuning mechanics are a little awkward with cords passing right and left to spin dials and raise and lower the band indicator.

Bandspreading, which uses a separate tuning capacitor, complicates the mechanism but aids use on the amateur bands.

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