The Vidor Power Unit Type 366

 Looking remarkably like the battery it was intended to replace, this battery eliminator must have been a tricky design proposition for the Vidor engineers.

As you can see from the label it supplies only 90 volts HT and 1.4 volts LT so is of comparatively recent manufacture compared with the others in my collection.

1.4 volt valves were used in most post WW2 portables. Early sets still used octal-based valves but the majority of sets, until the arrival of transistor sets, used all-glass B7G varieties.

Batteries were expensive so the use of a portable radio in the home could economically use a power unit such as the one from Vidor. However, as this was quite expensive, I guess it was a rare item.


 Later and contemporary batteries than that the eliminator replaced, the L5507 and L5038 plus a typical grid bias battery




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